Enjoy the Spanish food in the heart of Madrid

Madrid is the capital and also the largest city of Spain.  Built as a fortress next to the Manzanares River by the Muslims, and set as the capital by the king Felipe II in 1561, Madrid has become one of the most beautiful cities in the world, full of history, wonderful architecture, lot of culture, sports and a wide variety of Mediterranean food.


So if you’re planning to visit Madrid and you want to make sure you’re going to enjoy the city as if you were a local, tasting the most delicious Spanish dishes while you are walking along its gorgeous streets, we recommend to you to follow the tips we’re going point out in this article, tips that come from getting tickets for all the principal attractions (museums, musicals, theatre, matches, etc.) to joining different food tours through this Spanish city.

What and where to eat in Madrid: 


Tortilla en Bodega La Ardosa

Pincho de tortilla en Bodega de la Ardosa

Spanish cuisine is well known around the world, it’s very tasty and it also has a wide range of variety because of there are dishes that date hundred years ago, dishes and food of the different regions and also very prestigious cooking schools where professionals learn how to create new savours with their local products and recipes and preserve the traditional ones.
For these reasons it’s crucial to plan where and what to eat there in order not to lose one of the most important attractions in Spain: their food.
There are people that use Internet to find places with good rank and comments and other people that only get into the most crowded restaurants or the ones that are placed in the most popular locations of the city. But if you want make sure you’re eating in a good restaurant where you can taste the best tapas in Madrid and avoid being cheated or wasting time finding the right place, you should consider to join into a organized tour.
Fábrica MaravillasThere are professional companies that organize the most tasty tapas tours Madrid. You’ll be guided by the best locals in the city with the guarantee that there you’re going to find only traditional and tasty food, to visit historical and popular restaurants and pubs where you can have a good time as if you were a local of Madrid.
You’re able to choose a pre-set tour depending if you want to taste tapas, watch flamenco shows, eat vegetarian food or taste the best wines and beers of Spain. But if there isn’t a tour that fits you well you can hire a tour called tapas your way, where you’ll choose the kind of food you’d like to eat, the sector of Madrid you want to visit and also the timetables.

Barrio MalasañaFor example, one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in Madrid is Malasaña. This part of the city is located in the heart of Madrid and it has loads of restaurants and taverns where both tourists and local people enjoy tasty food and drinks with pleasant atmosphere and good prices. So if you want to enjoy Malasaña tapas tours you’re going to visit locals where you can taste delicious craft beer and tapas surrounded by a careful traditional Spanish decoration. “Fábrica Maravillas” and “Bodega de la Ardosa” are two of the most popular restaurants in this part of the city. Don’t forget to ask for your tapa of “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette) in the “Bodega de la Ardosa” and taste the local beer of the brewery “Fabrica Maravillas”, you won’t regret it.


 Other important activities to do in Madrid:

It’s clear that Spanish food is something we can’t miss in our visit to Madrid, but this city has lot of history and culture you’re going to love as much as its dishes.
It’s compulsory for you in your visit to Madrid to go to the Museo del Prado, one of the largest galleries of the world where you can find loads of famous pictures of all times. There are other famous museums in the city, more concretely the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza are known too around the world because of all the works of art they own.
Other recommended activity is to walk along the Gran Vía, where you can find shops, restaurants and theatres that offer different popular musicals and plays where you can have a good time while you enjoy the culture. In the Gran Vía and in the Alcalá Street you can visit their famous rooftops in order to enjoy the views of this Spanish skyline.
Moreover, if you love sports in Madrid there are very famous and well-known teams of soccer and basketball so you are able to enjoy different matches and have a good time seeing how very talented athletes play their roles.
Finally, there are other places that really worth to walk along them: el Parque del Retiro, la Plaza Mayor, la Puerta del Sol y el Madrid de los Austrias. Walking there you will enjoy the architecture of the old medieval-renaissance, see the most traditional shops, restaurants and markets.

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