The Best Places to watch Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco is probably the most famous style of dance and music in Madrid, not to mention that it is also the most representative style in Spain. It is well-known in the whole world for its energy, passion, colour and beauty. Although it is more prolific in the South of Spain, mainly Andalusia, all the famous artists come to perform in the best flamenco establishments in Madrid, Spain.

At Enjoy Tapas Madrid, as you already know we offer you lots of different tours — among them, you will find our tapas and flamenco show tour.  You will have the chance to live an amazing experience and take part in the fun of a flamenco show. Down below, you will find the list that we have created with some of the best places to watch flamenco in Madrid.

The best flamenco shows in Madrid

We just want to provide you with the best quality information and tours. That is the reason why we have selected the best flamenco shows in Madrid for our flamenco tour. These are some of the best tablaos in Madrid, the ones that we will visit.


Cardamomo is a tablao located near Puerta del Sol, right in the heart of the capital. It is one of the flamenco shows recognized as Cultural Heritage of Madrid.  It also has a foundation dedicated to making flamenco known all around the world, and it promotes flamenco performances too.

It was first opened in 1994, and it has become extremely successful. Notably, since it was recognized and recommended by the New York Times as the best tablao in Madrid. It is one of the biggest flamenco locales in the city and it has marvellous performers.

Moreover, you can enjoy this amazing flamenco show while you have a refreshing drink, sangria is a typical one. If you add that flamenco dancing and singing are full of passion here, it becomes an unforgettable experience for the spectator.

Las Carboneras

Las Carboneras is another of the best flamenco tablao, located in Madrid de los Austrias — concretely, in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda. This flamenco tablao and restaurant in Madrid combines an image and avant-garde style with the best of flamenco today. If you want to enjoy a quality Madrid flamenco dinner show, Las Carboneras is the perfect spot to enjoy flamenco music.

Café de Chinitas

Café de Chinitas is one of the best flamenco tablao in Madrid, considered part of the UNESCO world heritage since 2010. Flamenco has become a crucial part of the culture of Spain as it has evolved over the last two hundred years.

This spot is known for the beautiful shawls spread around the whole locale, decorating it with an Andalusian style. It is located in the city centre, quite close to Gran Vía, situated in an 18th century palace.

Furthermore, the restaurant serves excellent food and tapas too — making it a full and amazing sensory experience. There are two shows of 90 minutes each day, but on Sundays. Some of the most famous flamenco dancers and artists have performed on its stage and it attracts quite a crowd. This tablao is where we will go after our gastronomic walk during the tour.

Casa Patas

Patas show is another place that puts on live one of the best flamenco dance shows in Madrid.  Casa Patas is a tavern-restaurant and a flamenco tablao which is considered as a reference point in the world of flamenco. In fact, Casa Patas defines itself as a tavern-restaurant with a flamenco tablao – the term for the floorboard on top of which the flamenco show takes place.

It is located in the centre of the city and also has a flamenco school and a flamenco foundation. This flamenco dinner and show is one of the best flamenco shows in Madrid — that is why it is always full of people, so we strongly recommend you to book in advance.

Corral de la Morería

Corral de la Morería is the oldest flamenco locale in Madrid. Its first spectacle took place over fifty years ago, in 1956. Here, there are flamenco performances almost every day. During the month of June, they also display special shows after midnight.

Corral de la Morería is visited by famous artists who come to discuss about their new albums. This tablao is also visited by many celebrities whose aim is to explain the history of flamenco art in Spain. Here, you will even find special degustation shows, like a delicious sherry tasting during the flamenco show. They also have a wonderful flamenco restaurant, so it is the perfect place to spend a lovely evening.

Torres Bermejas

Torres Bermejas is a flamenco tablao which was founded in 1960, some of the best Flamenco artists in Spain have performed here with numerous famous spectators in attendance, such as the queen of Spain. She has been here as well as other members of Spanish nobility and television icons.

The flamenco restaurant at Torres Bermejas serves very good quality food and its decoration is tremendously inspiring. The establishment tries to reproduce the interior of the eponymous Torres Bermejas of the Alhambra of Granada, bringing a beautiful Southern feel to Madrid. The ambiance of this place is astonishing.

Las Tablas

Las Tablas is one of the newest and best flamenco establishments in Madrid. Nevertheless, it has been operating for around 10 years yet. In a short period of time, it has risen to the top of the list of flamenco bars in Madrid.

It has two performances peer day — one of them at 8pm, and the other one at 10pm. There are different types of tickets that visitors can choose – including dinner, tapas or just a drink. This flamenco bar also has a vegetarian menu, so it is the perfect choice for everyone!

We hope that you have enjoyed this post about the best flamenco in Madrid and that you join us in our flamenco show tour in Madrid. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or if you need more information!

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