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The Best Places to watch Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Flamenco is probably the most famous style of dance and music in Madrid, not to mention that it is also the most representative style in Spain. It is well-known in the whole world for its energy, passion, colour and beauty. Although it is more prolific in the South of Spain, mainly Andalusia, all the famous …


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The best things to do in Toledo – The city of three cultures

Today, we are moving out from our beloved Madrid to make a day trip to Toledo, the city of three cultures. Toledo is a Spanish city located an hour away from Madrid, and at EnjoyTapasMadrid we want to tell you all the places to visit and the best things to do in Toledo, Spain. Toledo is …


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The Literary Quarter of Madrid  

There are plenty of reasons to choose Madrid — the beautiful capital city of Spain — as your next holiday destination starting by its marvellous weather, its wide variety of landscapes, its architecture… but, above all, because of its famous Spanish food and because of all the history and important events hidden in its buildings, streets and districts, like …


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How to prepare Spanish Tapas Recipes at home!

If you are planning to spend you holidays in Spain, we strongly recommend you to visit Madrid. Why? It’s easy! You should know that one of the best things about our country is the delicious Spanish cuisine, and its main character is tapas food. In Madrid you will find the best restaurants and tapas bars …


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What is a tapas bar? All you need to know

In previous posts, we talked a lot about this famous Spanish appetizers — our beloved tapas! We have talked about a wide variety of tapas, from the lovely garlic shrimps, going through paella, to the star dish, Spanish tortilla. We have also mentioned some of the best tapas bars and tapas restaurants in Madrid, and …


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Where to eat tapas in Madrid?

The famous tapas in Madrid are one of the main attractions for visitors all over the world. Spanish tapas show the best quality of our food and national products, in addition to the different cooking styles from all over the country. Tapas in Madrid are a key point of the Spanish food scene that attracts …


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The best Tapas Bars in Madrid

If we had to choose just one tapas bar to be the best one in the whole of Madrid, that would be definitely impossible. That is the reason why we have created this exclusive list with the best tapas bars in Madrid. Having more tapas bars options, Spanish tapas taste even better! Depending on the …


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The most famous tapas in Spain

    The most famous tapas in Spain     One of the reasons why Spain has became one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world is due to it prestigious gastronomy.   Spanish gastronomy is located on the top of the ranking between the most important cuisines of the world. Probably it …


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The Literary Quarter

    The Literary Quarter     There are loads of reasons to choose Spain as your next holiday destination starting by it marvellous weather, the variety of different landscapes and beaches, it architecture, it famous gastronomy and because of all the history and important events that it cities, streets and buildings have lived. Spain …


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    Curiosities about the pig slaughter in Spain     Índice de Contenidos1 The slaughter of the pig.2 What kind of popular dishes are made with pork? The slaughter of the pig.     The Spanish food and dishes are one of the aspects that make it popular throughout the world. Lots of their …


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