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Why is Spain the second most visited country in the world?


Last year 2017 we were visited by nearly eighty-two million people, overtaking a great tourist power such as the United States.


When we go out and ask the foreigners who visit us why they visit us, many are their answers.


Many say that for their culture, others that for their museums others for their history and traditions and many others for their gastronomy.


Spain offers many attractions that make many people want to come on vacation or to retire like the British, Swedish, German, Dutch etc. It offers beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, beautiful villages, traditions that leave our visitors amazed.


And then our gastronomy that everyone loves like our ham, our bravas, our Spanish omelette, our paella etc.


That’s why many who visit Spain usually hire to food and wine tours Spain because they want to live a unique experience of tasting the authentic Spain tapas. Also those who hire these food tours want to be sure, that they are tasting is typical of Spain and of good quality, without taking a bad experience.

Spain offers many attractions that make many people want to come on vacation or to retire like the British, Swedish, German, Dutch etc.

For example in Madrid (Capital of Spain) many people who come to visit us hire a Madrid food tour, in Madrid there are many Madrid food tours where they take you to the typical taverns of Madrid to try their most famous food and drink, for example , the vermouth, typical drink of Madrid.



What do these Madrid food tours offer?




These Madrid food tours are very well designed because you go first with a local expert and this will take you to the oldest and most famous bars in the city. Also, if your Spanish is not very good he will help you in everything you need, also besides the before mentioned that, you will learn a lot about the history of Madrid, its culture, its traditions, about politics, etc.

These Madrid tours like, Enjoy Tapas Madrid, a company specializing in tapas tours in Madrid, wants the person who hires their services to live and feel what it is like to go out for tapas as a person from Madrid, in addition their tours are of small groups of maximum eight people, to make it more personalized, without feeling the sensation of being a number in a large group.



There is also the spain culinary tour These Madrid food tours are gourmet tours, tours of tapas more elaborate and a little more expensive. Enjoy Tapas Madrid offers a tour called “Tapas your way where the clients  design and personalize their tour, this is a tour designed for that type of person who wants to tailor your tour according to your taste and customize it as you wish.



These Madrid food tours are very good for those who want a private tour in Madrid tour with a native guide for them, where they can talk and ask what they desire, also these Madrid food tours has no fixed schedule, the client decides what time it starts and ends the tour which gives the client a greater freedom to organize.



Many people who also come to the capital want devour food, try all kinds of tapas and go to their country with the joy of having eaten plenty of food and good quality.

“The tours are guided by local experts in gastronomy and history of Madrid and Spain.”

These Madrid food tours are the most popular because you go to 4 or 5 bars / restaurants and try all kinds of tapas and drinks, such as Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, “calamares a la romana” (fried squid), Spanish omelette, anchovies in vinegar, octopus from Galicia etc … let’s not eat before going on a tour of these, but you will leave very full.  This tour is called “tapas in old Madrid” and lasts 4 hours; this tour takes you through four taverns where you can try their most famous tapas and drinks surrounded by a very pleasant atmosphere, it is a tour for small groups maximum eight people to make it more personalized.



These Madrid tapas tours are the most popular, but we also have other Madrid food tours those are that are the ones which mix tapas tour Madrid with art or traditions such as the tours “Tapas and flamenco show“, this tour mixes eating with the show of flamenco here you will learn a lot about the culture of flamenco and its history.

During the tour you will be guided by a local expert where you will be taught, curiosities and aspects of Spanish life, but always with a friendly and informal atmosphere so that you feel like a local from Madrid. These professionals are also experts in gastronomy and in the history of flamenco in Spain, so do not hesitate to ask any questions you have about these Spanish traditions.



These tours are also for small groups of up to eight people to make it more personal without feeling the sensation of being a number in a large group.



These madrid food tour offered by Enjoy Tapas Madrid are high quality both for its restaurants and the products offered, so if you are encouraged to come to Madrid and want to hire one of these tours you will not regret having chosen them. It will be a good choice!


To taste all of the famous Madrid dishes- join a Madrid food tour or Madrid tapas tour!

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