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madrid food - tapas in old madrid

Why is Madrid one of the most visited cities in Europe and the world?


Madrid is one of the most visited cities in the world and Europe because of its culture, its architecture, its museums, its people and especially its gastronomy.


In Madrid there is plenty of cuisine for all tastes and for all prices it is said that in Madrid and Spain is where there are more bars per square kilometer so the offer is very varied and varied for all tastes.



If you come to Madrid you must try the Madrid foodThe Madrid food is very varied, you have hot and traditional dishes like our famous Cocido Madrileño (Madrid stew).


It is consists of a stew whose main ingredient is the chickpea, the other ingredients, also important and consistent are the vegetables, the meats, the pork bacon etc. There are people who put the stew to part of the previous ingredients chorizo and blood sausage.



It is a unique dish but very consistent, it is usually taken in winter. In Madrid there are many restaurants that prepare this stew, for example, in the restaurant La Bola.  This Madrid food is offered in restaurants and is to eat it with table and tablecloth.

“In Madrid there is plenty of cuisine for all tastes and for all prices.”

But Madrid also offers another type of food that are Spain culinary tour.



Many people who come to Madrid want to try the Madrid food in a very Spanish and very Madrid I’m talking about a very Spanish custom that is “Go for tapas” yes, this is going with friends from one bar to another eating and drinking sharing various tapas or rations.



That’s why many people hire Madrid food tours that are tours that take you to several tapas bars to try the most traditional tapas and drinks in the area. These tours are guided by local experts in history and gastronomy, so you will leave the tour knowing the food and the history of Madrid and Spain.



These tours are perfect for those who want to be taken to authentic tapas bars, where they can see locals eating and drinking and also want to be sure that they are not being cheated or that their Spanish is very basic and they need to someone to help them order tapas or drink without taking an unpleasant surprise.

Also to pay before the tour, you can go quiet without worrying about anything because the guide is responsible for ordering the tapas and explain what they are going to eat and drink and that gives a lot of security.



That’s why we Enjoy Tapas Madrid offer Madrid tapas tour. Our tours are very diverse and for all kinds of tastes.



We have our most classic tour Tapas in Old Madrid, this tour will take you through 4 tapas bars / restaurants where you will try another type of Madrid food, the most famous tapas and drinks of each place such as Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, Chorizo in cider, Bravas, Spanish omelet etc.



This is a very complete tour you have to go on an empty stomach because in this tour you eat a lot, here you will taste a selection of the most popular tapas in Madrid and Spain, Spain tapas.



We also have a tapas tour that mixes the history of Madrid with Madrid food in this case we are going to two of the most emblematic establishments in Madrid that were founded in the 19th century and have witnessed many events in our history, and in one of them we will try its most famous tapa Los Soldaditos de Pavia, fried cod.  Do you know why it calls this fried cod Soldaditos de Pavia? In this tour we will tell you this and much more.

“Many people who come to Madrid want to try the Madrid food in a very Spanish and very Madrid I’m talking about a very Spanish custom that is “Go for tapas”.

Other food and wine tours Spain that we offer are the tours for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans, these tours are developed by one of the most bohemian and authentic neighborhoods in Madrid.



On this tour you will taste Madrid food and tapas Madrid tapas. You will be accompanied by a local guide expert in history and gastronomy so you will learn a lot about our food and traditions always surrounded by a fun and informal atmosphere.



Other Madrid tours we offer are private and personalized tours, these tours are designed by the client and we make it a reality. These tours can go from going to other cities near Madrid such as Ávila, Toledo, Segovia etc, or take tapas tours Madrid for the neighborhoods that the client chooses as Barrio de los Austrias, Malasaña, La Latina, Chamberí, Chamartín etc. From the guidelines that the client sends us we develop the tour, we will go to the most authentic tapas bars in Madrid and try Madrid food such as Iberian ham, Spanish omelette, Chorizo a la cider, Anchovies in vinegar, and Octopus from Galicia.



These tours are designed for those who want to live something authentic for themselves, accompanied all the time by a local guide expert in gastronomy and history of Madrid and Spain.

We also offer other tours where we mix the art of flamenco with tapas, this tour is called Tapas & Flamenco Show. This tour is for those who want to know more about flamenco and want to take a tapas tour through the center of Madrid.



Here we will go to three places where we will try Madrid spain food such as Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, Spanish omelette, Chorizo in cider etc and finally we will go to one of the most popular chocolate shops in Madrid and there we will take the famous Chocolate with churros, then we will accompany the client to the place where the flamenco show is going to take place and we will give him his ticket that includes a drink.



All the bars and restaurants where we go are of high quality as well as their offered products. Bars and restaurants selected by Enjoy Tapas Madrid to satisfy the most demanding palates.

madrid food - tapas in old madrid

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