Discover Madrid Spain Food!

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Discover Madrid Spain Food!

madrid spain food - tapas your way

Why do people choose Spain for their vacations?


One of the reasons why Spain has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world is for its prestigious cuisine.


Spanish cuisine is at the top of the ranking among the most important cuisines in the world.


Probably its popularity is due to the large number of Spanish chefs and chefs who have developed their traditional recipes and have shared with the rest of the world, offering them the opportunity to taste the most delicious flavors of popular Spanish dishes with old and new forms, tastes and colors.


In addition, another reason that makes Spanish cuisine so popular is because of its premium ingredients and quality. Spain is full of fertile land, has very different landscapes and the perfect climate to allow the most delicious products to grow with ease.


One of the best known ways of presenting Spanish dishes is tapas. Tapas have become an identity mark for Spain, which is savored by the vast majority of tourists who chose this country as their destination or for those who eat at one of the many restaurants in Spain.


The tapas are snacks that are served with a drink (alcoholic or not). People in Spain usually go out for tapas (they call it “tapas“) and it is common to have lunch or dinner with only the tapas that are served with the drink.

“Spanish cuisine is at the top of the ranking among the most important cuisines in the world.”

Many people who come to Spain, in particular to Madrid, want to participate in a unique way of the very Spanish tradition of  Go out for tapas  a tradition deeply rooted in Spain. We socialize like this, going with friends and sharing the tapas or rations we order.



So many when they arrive in Madrid and want to live that unique experience, hire a company specialized in food and wine tours Spain. For example, Enjoy Tapas Madrid, a company specializing in Madrid food tour.



In these tours, try the most popular tapas and dishes of Madrid Spain food, such as our Iberian ham, our Manchego cheese, our croquettes, our Spanish omelette, also the chorizos (sausage), Pig ear typical food in Madrid for adventurous eaters! and many more tapas.



Here we offer some tours that Enjoy Tapas Madrid offers.


Our most popular and the most complete tour is called Tapas in Old Madrid, this Madrid tapas tour takes you through the most authentic tapas bars in Madrid. Here you will try Madrid Spain food such as the Jamón Ibérico from Guijuelo, Manchego Cheese, Bravas, Pork Ears typical tapa de Madrid, for adventurous eaters! You will also taste the Pimientos del Padrón (Padron peppers) as well as the Anchovies in Vinegar and finally we will end up in an Asturian restaurant where we will taste the Spanish omelette and the Chorizo in Cider.  As you can see, it is a very complete tour because you can try many Madrid Spain food.   Warning! Come on an empty stomach, since, with this tour you have dinners.



Another Spain culinary tour we offer is called Appetizer tapas tour, this is a tapas tour that runs through the Puerta del Sol and ends in the Barrio de la Latina.



This tour is designed for those people who do not want to spend a lot but who want quality products and visit the most authentic tapas bars in the capital.



Here we will try Madrid Spain food such as Jamón Ibérico from Guijuelo, we will also try the famous “Tostas” (a little bigger than the tapas) that above you put ham, or pork or duck etc.  And finally we will go to another typical bar in the area where we will try their famous Bravas and their Pincho tortilla (Tortilla skewer).

“Our most popular and the most complete tour is called Tapas in Old Madrid, this Madrid tapas tour takes you through the most authentic tapas bars in Madrid.”

We have other tours where we mix the Madrid tapas or the Spain tapas with the Flamenco show and the history of the taverns and Madrid.




The first one is called Tapas & Flamenco Show, here we go to tapas bars and one of the most popular Chocolaterías in Madrid. Here we will try Madrid Spain food such as Jamón Ibérico from Guijuelo (Iberían Ham from Guijuelo), Manchego Cheese, Spanish Omelette, Empanada Gallega (Meat pie from Galicia) as well as its drinks such as wine and cider and finally we will have our chocolate with churros as dessert. And at the end we will accompany you to the entrance of the establishment where the flamenco show will take place, where we will give you your ticket that includes a drink (wine, beer, sangria or soft drinks).



And the second one is called Tapas with history  a mixture of the best tapas or authentic dishes of Madrid, eating them in two of the most emblematic establishments of the city founded in the nineteenth century, witnessing some events in our history.



Here we will try different Madrid Spain food such as the Soldaditos de Pavia (fried cod) typical tapa from Madrid with its most popular drink, vermooth.

And we will also try tapas such as mini boats of kidneys and Puff pastry of meet, here we will also try their most famous drink (meat broth) very popular in this establishment or they can also ask for other drinks.



We will finish this tour in one of the most popular markets in the center of Madrid, the Mercado de San Miguel (Saint Michael Market), founded at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a gastronomic market where the stands of high quality Spanish food are mixed with other products of other nationalities. Here we will also try some Madrid Spain Food and its drinks such as wine or beer.



As you can see these last two tours are for those who want, apart from tasting tapas in Madrid, they want to know more about our traditions, culture and history.



We have more tours like tours for Vegetarians, Vegans and Celiacs. This tour takes place in the neighborhood of Malasaña, a neighborhood where restaurants and bars of this type began to be established. Here you also taste Madrid Spain Food, tapas or typical dishes of the capital.



As you can see we have tapas tours for all tastes and very varied.



If you come by Madrid do not hesitate to try any of our tours, your palate and your pocket will thank you!

madrid spain food - tapas your way

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