What are garlic Shrimp? What types of shrimp dishes are there in Spain? How can I make garlic shrimp at home?
Well here we solve your doubts, the first thing, we are going to talk about is the typical garlic shrimp tapa.
Later we will see that there are varieties of styles to cook prawns, they can be to garlic, to the grill or cooked.
And at the end we will give you several tips on how to make the authentic garlic shrimp at home.
Gambas al ajilloGambas al Ajillo or Garlic Shrimp, as it is called in Spain, are a popular dish of Spanish cuisine. The ingredients that constitute this dish are peeled prawns, garlic and olive oil.
Gambas al ajillo is quick, easy and very  garlicky. A classic tapa, that everyone enjoys. that is mostly found in the south and center of the territory. Serve with lots of sliced rustic bread to soak up the sauce. This dish is part of the typical dishes of the culture of the bars of Spain and is so popular that there are bars in Madrid that offer as main course.
But in Spain there are many more shrimp tapas, most are quick and easy, and some can be prepared ahead of time, so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with guests.




As Grilled Shrimp Tapas – “Gambas a la Plancha”, cooked quickly on a flat iron grill, squeeze lemon juice over the top and serve.






Grilled Garlic Shrimp Skewers Tapas – “Brochetas de Gambas al ajillo”, this grilled Shrimp Skewers recipe is the perfect excuse to start. Shrimp taste best on the barbie; somethin’ about that lightly charred smokiness makes this shrimpaholic very happy.






Langostino cocidoSpanish Boiled Prawns – “Langostinos Cocidos”. Langostinos are large shrimp or prawns that are often simply boiled whole and chilled. They are then served by themselves on a plate or with “salsa rosa” or in vinaigrette.






Two tips for making a good garlic shrimp at home: Classic tapa.
1º) Use fresh shrimp but if you only have frozen, make sure they are well thawed and dry before adding to the pan (excess water is bad for this tapa).
2º) You should also be careful not to leave the garlic too long on the fire before tossing the prawns or they will end up burning. If you are worried that they end up burning a good trick, let the garlic be browned and then removed (helping with a skimmer or spoon) before throwing the prawns. In this way the oil will have taken the flavor of the garlic and you can make the shrimp without fear of being burned. Then you just have to add the garlic at the last moment and serve your shrimp to garlic.
I hope you like the recipe and enjoy at the table with this typical Spanish tapa.
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